The Ice Extender

KoolerGel® is the perfect way to make ice last up to 50% longer. KoolerGel® is a scientifically formulated powder that's mixed with water in a plastic bottle or container which then turns into a gel. These gel-filled bottles are then placed in the freezer for 48 hours for maximum cooling. What comes out of the freezer is astonishing; the bottles are colder than ice; up to 40° colder. These frozen bottles are then placed in a cooler with ice and - thanks to KoolerGel® - ice melts at a much slower rate. When it takes more time for ice to melt it takes less ice to keep a cooler cold which equates to a substantial savings for anyone who find themselves buying bags of ice season after season.

Outdoor professionals are already sold on KoolerGel®. A glowing endorsement from TV Fishing Legend Jimmy Houston of Jimmy Houston Outdoors and the field tested seal approval from the North American Hunting Club and Fishhound makes it clear that this product delivers as promised.


Outdoor enthusiasts can use KoolerGel® by itself when there's a need to minimize moisture for transporting groceries in hard or soft sided coolers or use it along with ice to make any ice purchased last much, much longer. While standard plastic bottles can be used, TBK Industries, LLC also has a new type of container in development which is reusable.



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