About Us

TBK Industries, LLC Founder and President Steven Glass and his family love the outdoors, from sports with the kids to tailgating at their schools. Also, there was boating, camping, fishing, and hunting.

Steve developed the ComboKooler™. The ComboKooler™ comes in small, large and the convenient Combo Pack. The small bag fits inside the large. The soft sides allow the bag to fit just about anywhere when storing. It has four convenient handles for easy carrying or securing for transport. It has a removable liner for easy clean up.

He then began to think about cooling sources.  Every time he had any type of outdoor activity he used his coolers and that required another run to the store to buy ice. He was spending $20 to $30 a week on ice. He thought if he could come up with something that would make ice last longer and be reusable at an affordable price that could be an enormous benefit to everyone.  Ice sales were a $2 Billion dollar a year industry and growing.  He began searching for alternatives to ice and the only thing he could find were the small cold packs that people could put in their lunch boxes.  The main problem with the cold packs was they didn't last very long. That was not the solution he was looking for. He had an epiphany that he could develop a product that would benefit everyone. KoolerGel®  "The Ice Extender" was created.  KoolerGel® is a scientifically formulated powder with proprietary ingredients that you mix with water that turns into a gel.  When all the water is absorbed, place bottles(s) in the freezer for 48 hours for maximum cooling.  When the bottle(s) or container is frozen, temperatures will reach 0º to -10º Fahrenheit.  You can use KoolerGel® by itself when you need to minimize moisture for transporting groceries in hard or soft sided coolers, or you can use it in combination with ice and it will make your ice last 40% to 50% longer.  You choose your own container size by choosing your own plastic bottle(s) or use the new container we are currently developing and designing.  We have a proven product that will outperform anything on the market and will stay colder longer. We have been selling KoolerGel® for several years as part of our package for our other products in the Trophy Bag Kooler™ line and the ComboKooler™ bags.